November 2009

Why Do You Serve?

My elementary school site absolutely loves Generations Incorporated. I generally get stopped in the hall about 20 times a day by children asking me to take them to read. If it is a child that I know we serve regularly, I tell them that they will need to wait their turn to see their re
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When Violence Rocks A School

The John Marshall School is located in the Bowdoin-Geneva section of Dorchester. The community suffers from the pangs of poverty: low employment, high drug use, related gang violence, and a severe lack of community resources. Hundreds of families struggle to make it through the day. M
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Introducing the 09/10 Generations Incorporated AmeriCorps Members

For our first AmeriCorps 2009/2010 blog entry, we wrote a song to the tune of Camp Grenada (Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda). This song introduces all of the new 9 AmeriCorps Members and gives a small window into our first month of orientation with Generations Incorporated. We hope you enjoy
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