March 2011

Thanks to Our Friends at Mass Service Alliance for Making this Editorial Possible

Globe Editorial, Posted March 29, 2011 OF ALL THE cuts House Republicans have sought under the banner of trimming the national deficit, the decision to zero out the Corporation for National & Community Service is the most incongruous. The $1.1 billion agency, which is the largest
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Saving Service: Don’t Forget the Older Adults

The threats to national service are very serious.  Congress wants to eliminate or greatly reduce funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency that oversees AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, AmeriCorps VISTA, and other programs. Thankfully there hav
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No Alternative But to Close Some Boston Schools

RE “BIAS complaint shouldn’t slow wise plan to fix Boston schools’’ (Editorial, March 2) Our literacy volunteers serve every day in Boston public elementary schools. The bias complaint by the Black Educators’ Alliance of Massachusetts asks for a reversal of the decision to close nine
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Non-Profits Taking Hits

This week the  Boston Globe had another stinging article about excessive non-profit CEO pay at one of our largest health insurance companies. Our sector is getting some bad press these days because of this, as well as outrageous golden parachutes, double dipping, and outright fraud. T
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