May 2011

AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: MK Han

Why do you serve? For me, college was a time to learn about myself and grow on an individual level. I did reach out to the community I was in by volunteering at an elementary school once a week, but felt like I could do more. That is why I decided to look into AmeriCorps during my sen
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Barbara Howard

Ready to Read
In her own words, Barbara Howard serves because “I enjoy volunteering and I love reading with kids!” Her enthusiasm for these efforts and her bright smile have been brightening the South Boston Boys and Girls Club since she joined the team in October. When asked about a meaningful ser
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Sydney Perkins

Sydney Perkins is a Recruitment and Training AmeriCorps VISTA member. She looks for prospective volunteers to join our Classroom Literacy and Reading Coaches programs and leads trainings for both programs. Why do you serve? Growing up, I felt a wealth of community and familial support
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Alana Hill

Alana Hill serves as an AmeriCorps Program Associate at Generations Incorporated (GI). When she started her service,  she had high hopes of making a positive impact through helping others, yet no concept of how much she would grow from this opportunity. Why do you serve? The last seme
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Susan Faaland

Susan Faaland is an AmeriCorps member who has served at the St. Stephens Episcopal Church After-School Program in the South End since October 2006. She spends fifteen hours a week reading one-on-one with young students, most coming from the Blackstone Elementary School. Why do you ser
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Brigid Goggin

Brigid’s Memorable Service Experience: Recently I gave a training to a group of Revere Experience Corps members on how to help kids with their writing during a Reading Coaches session.  I have been very interested in the training side of the organization and I, along with other Revere
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Zakk Tapp

Why do you serve? My decision to serve is deeply personal; I have witnessed first hand the effects that service can have on an individual as well as the community. Through the impact that others have had on my life, I have been given the opportunity to pursue goals that would not have
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AmeriCorps Week Spotlight: Esther Williams

Esther Williams serves at the Yawkey Boys & Girls Club for many reasons. First, she really enjoys it and it is something to look forward to each day.  She especially loves seeing her students’ progress “skyrocket” from October to the spring; “It’s wonderful to see them blossom” sh
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