From humble beginnings in a small town in New Hampshire, mentorship has always played a fundamental role in her lifetime of service. After serving with the Peace Corps in Venezuela, Mary settled in Boston to begin her long career working with youth and families. After serving 12 years as Executive Director of the Bird Street Community Center in Upham's Corner, Mary joined Generations Incorporated in 2002. For the past 15 years, Mary's leadership, influence, and guidance have been integral to shaping the lives of Greater Boston's youth, families, and older adults, all the while raising the profile of the organization to a "best in class, best in nation" intergenerational literacy organization.

Through Mary's illustrious 40 years of service to Boston, she has highlighted the power of mentorship in developing innovation, leadership, and strength. It is with great honor and respect that Generations Incorporated chooses to honor Mary Gunn, her service to Boston, and celebrate the importance of mentorship.

“Mary’s vision, passion and focus on the power of intergenerational mentorship have allowed Generations Incorporated to become a Boston-based literacy organization with a well-earned and strong reputation on both a local and national level.”

- Amanda Reeves, Board of Directors

"Generations Incorporated has grown to be a successful and highly-impactful organization under Mary’s leadership. It has been a great honor for me to serve as Board President for an organization that dives so deeply within the community to help uplift its families and young children.” 

- Harvey Salgo, Board President