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Changing Aging Tour with Dr. Bill Thomas {specific dates & times}

  • Chestnut Hill, Quincy, Foxboro & Longmeadow See details for specific venues/dates/times (map)

We're excited to pass along info about a remarkable upcoming event!

The "Changing Aging Tour with Dr. Bill Thomas" is coming to the Boston area from June 12-15.  If you are interested in attending and buying a ticket, you can get a full-day pass for $15 (discounted from $30) or the afternoon session only called "Disrupting Dementia" for $10 (discounted from $20).  Generations Incorporated is a member of the Boston Encore Network and we can utilize the discount code ENCORE at the checkout to receive the 50% discount.

This year's Tour features two "non-fiction theater" events: the paradigm-shifting Disrupt Dementia, and Dr. Thomas' signature show, Aging: Life’s Most Dangerous Game. Both feature original music, storytelling, poetry and groundbreaking insights on aging and care. These two shows offer a positive view of aging, while challenging damaging stereotypes about older adults and cognitive change.  

The two shows will explore the difference between truth and illusion when it comes to aging. Dr. Thomas' work provides illuminating insights on what our own aging and older adults -- even those living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease -- can teach us about creating kind and inclusive communities.

The events will be at:

Disrupt Dementia (2:30-4:15 PM, $20). A live-theater show exploring living well day-to-day with dementia, featuring musician and humanitarian Samite.  

Life's Most Dangerous Game (7:00-8:30 PM, $20). Blending storytelling, live music, myth and medical science, this is Thomas' signature live theatrical exploration of aging as a form of continued growth. 

Tickets and more information are available here. Members of the Encore Boston Network are eligible for a 50% discount!  Use the code ENCORE at checkout.

Please feel free to pass this invitation along to friends and associates.