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Friendiversary Parties at the Boston Boys & Girls Clubs

This past week, we celebrated the joy of reading with a Friendiversary party at both the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury and the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. Thanks to our friends at First Book, we gave our students over 100 Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie books to bring ho
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Team Leader Series: Gail Kelly

We asked Gail Kelly, Team Leader at the South Boston Boys & Girls Club, why she serves: What I value most about being a volunteer is the different types of friendships that I have made, both young and old. There are all of the children that I have worked with, watched grow, and wh
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Reading Coaches Program Graduate: Chan Rampersad

We asked Chan Rampersad, now age 18, what his experience was like being a part of our Reading Coaches program as a kid. “I started the Reading Coaches program when I was in the first grade. I was only six years old and was in the program for three full years at the Blue Hill Boy
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A Sense of Community at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club

One of the most rewarding aspects of my year of service so far has been to watch the development of personal relationships as well as the growth of a sense of community at our program sites. At the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club it has been especially moving to see the bonds that hav
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Read Across America Day

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! The beloved author’s birthday was Saturday, March 2nd, and Generations Incorporated celebrated on Friday with students from Blackstone Elementary, one of our sites in the South End. We took part in Read Across America Day, an opportunity for volunteers to re
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Senator Scott Brown’s Visit to Dever Elementary School

As soon as we arrived, I was bustled into a conference room where members from the Massachusetts Service Alliance prepped us for the Senator Scott Brown’s visit. All the program representatives of the Dever Elemenary School in Dorchester were quickly informed of the schedule. There wo
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