Privacy Policy

  • Right to Privacy

    Generations Incorporated will never share, rent or sell any name or contact information, including email address, of our customers or clients. All information submitted through our website, via the online Donate page, or the Contact Us page, is secure.
  • Email Etiquette

    When sending emails, please remember that you should not use e-mail to send confidential or sensitive information. If confidential information must be sent via e-mail, it should be sent as an attachment locked with a password. This password can be retrieved by the recipient via telephone or a separate e-mail. The preferred mode of sending confidential or sensitive information is via facsimile. All phones, computer equipment and e-mail, voicemail and Internet systems are property of Generations Incorporated. Therefore, e-mails should be treated as if they will be made public.
  • Data Maintained

    On-site protections – In the case of on-site data storage, information is kept under lock and key. Off-site protections – In the case of off-site data storage, the area of storage are secured facilities that provide a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • Data Access/Protection

    Files are encrypted. All computers will have their hard drive erased and replaced before disposal.
  • Collection and Handling of Personnel Data

    Generations Incorporated collects data of employees, volunteers and other stakeholders. Data includes but is not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers for purposes of direct deposit, date of birth, CORI/SORIs, offers letters, and salary information.

    The data collected by Generations Incorporated is done so in accordance with State and Federal regulations. At least two people are involved in collecting the aforementioned information to ensure a separation of duties and accountability. Access to the data collection and maintenance process is only given to necessary personnel. State and Federal regulations for handling data are observed and certifications, if available, have been obtained. Ex. Generations Incorporated is a certified CORI/SORI handler.