Generations Incorporated delivers high impact literacy programs to the children in Boston & Revere by engaging older adults in meaningful service! We currently serve 3,600+ students at the following locations:

Boston Public Schools

  • William Blackstone Elementary
  • David A. Ellis Elementary
  • Lyndon K-8 School*
  • Martin Luther King Jr. K-8
  • Mildred Avenue K-8 School
  • Murphy K-8 School*
  • Pauline A. Shaw Elementary School
  • Charles H. Taylor Elementary School
  • William Monroe Trotter Elementary
  • Winship Elementary School*
  • Winthrop Elementary School*
  • Young Achievers

*Denotes Social Innovation Fund Partnership

Revere Public Schools

  • A.C. Whelan Elementary
  • Beachmont Veterans Memorial School
  • Garfield Elementary
  • Staff Sargent James J. Hill Elementary School

After-School Programs

  • Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club
  • South Boston Boys and Girls Club
  • Yawkey Boys & Girls Club

"Impacting children's literacy development demands more than a well-intentioned effort; it takes a commitment to strategic analysis, a dedication to refinement and improvement, and an unwavering willingness to stop what's not working.  Generations Incorporated does just that. They hold themselves accountable to the highest standards and a cycle of continuous improvement to ensure their programs result in their intended outcomes, both for the engaged volunteers and for those children they support." 
- Kelly Kulsrud, Executive Director, Lectio

Our Partners

AARP Foundation Experience Corps

Generations Incorporated is proud  to be an affiliate of AARP Foundation Experience Corps, a national leader in engaging older adult tutors (50+) to improve K-3 student literacy in disadvantaged schools.

In 2012, AARP Foundation Experience Corps received the 2012 Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence for its efforts to bring about positive, lasting changes in local communities.

Boston and Revere Public Schools

Strategic partnerships with the Office of the  Superintendent  are important in order to make sure we are not only well-aligned with district goals but also to sharing resources to improve school and student performance.   

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

We  proudly partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Our relationships with these partners began over 15 years ago and flourish today because of the hard work and good will of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston executives and staff.