Generations Incorporated Highlights

This past year was filled with some great highs. Our 25th year will be best remembered as the year we successfully implemented and executed the final year of the Read to Succeed Strategic Plan. In 2016 we rolled out new programs, implemented new systems for data collection, and designed new strategies for small group tutoring. In addition to supporting this new generation of young readers, we also supported our older generation of volunteers with new training programs, most notably in technology informational sessions.

Together with the incredible support of 275 Experience Corps older adult volunteers we impacted the lives of over 3,400 children in grades K-3 in 19 sites in Boston and Revere. 

Some other notable highlights from this year:

  • A grant from the Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund supporting Generations Incorporated's technological expansion to assist in our data collection efforts to track students' progress and further support the efficacy of our programs.
  • Our Cummings Foundation $100K for 100 award in support of our Reading Coaches program for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years.
  • In February, we were selected as a subgrantee of a Social Innovation Fund grant from our national partners, AARP Experience Corps, which will allow us to scale our programs in the Boston Public Schools over a 4 year period.
  • In April Patricia Larts, our cherished site team leader at Trotter Innovation School, received her Boston Neighborhoods Fellow award, recognizing the impact she has as a community leader in Dorchester.

and most importantly of all:

  • Celebrating our 25th Anniversary on June 9th with our friends, community and corporate partners, and distinguished guests -- our volunteers!

I look forward to another year of bigger strides, greater impact, and real change. It's a new generation at Generations Incorporated, and join us in achieving #ReadingExcellence25!


Mary Gunn