Communities Served

We provide our literacy programs in Level 3 (under-performing) and Level 4 (chronically under-performing) public schools and community-based after school programs in: Dorchester, East Boston, Mattapan, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, and Revere.

Supporting Communities by
Empowering both ends of the Aging Spectrum

Young Children

In many urban areas like Boston and Revere, where poverty persists, the vast majority of school age children in public school settings are not proficient in literacy when they enter the fourth grade. This is a serious problem because if children cannot read proficiently by the 4th grade they are four times less likely to graduate high school and twice as likely to be unemployed.

Our programs are designed for kindergarten through 3rd grade students (ages 4-9) who are reading below grade level. We reach these students early, in both school and after-school settings, to build a strong literacy foundation.

Older Adults

We recruit, train, and support 260 seniors (ages 50-90) who have the time and the talent to be literacy volunteers. They are community members, many of whom are retired and live alone. They make a 5-10 hour per week commitment of time as literacy volunteers, positively affecting thousands of kids..

Their involvement is not simply a means to an end. While these older adults help push the literacy needle forward for children who are struggling readers, they reap huge benefits as well. They are part of a BIG IDEA and often get more out of their experience than they give.

As older adults, they are rooted in our community. Many live in the same community where they serve. Their service adds meaning and connection to their lives. Serving as a Generations Incorporated volunteer provides all of this and more.

We are a proud affiliate of AARP Experience Corps, with whom we share a mission. The Boston AARP Experience Corps program operated by Generations Incorporated is one of the largest and most effective in the nation (there are 25+ cities where the program currently operates).